Seminário on-line com Sophie Hellinger: “Eu e minha Vida” (Módulo IX)

Consciência suas consequências no cotidiano
In Familienstellen we experience it again and again, although the children have the same parents, that they behave completely differently. Although they grew up under the same conditions and in the same environment, it remains for most completely inexplicable why some or at least one child behaves completely differently or even totally out of the norm. Based on my observations, I have only one explanation for this. No human being comes into this life as a blank sheet. Which means that I come already with old burdens from former lives into this family, in order to fulfill my completely personal life purpose and my life meaning.

Science has already provided the necessary evidence for this. In the first physics lesson we already learned that energy is indestructible, but changeable. That is, when we breathe our last and our body passes away, there is no doubt that the life energy that constituted us in that body will continue to exist.

The quintessence is that we live one life after another without even having the slightest idea about it. We could consider ourselves as a book, in that each life comprises only one page.

Quem o escreve? Nós mesmos. Porque cada pensamento cria a realidade.

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