Sophie Hellinger LIVE – Love and Relationship

2 Day – Original Hellinger® Family Constellation

Living love in life.
Love is the most precious thing and life withoug love is almost unimaginable.
The question is: "How can love fullfill itself in life?"
In this seminar Sophie Hellinger provides you with an insight about the conditions and backgrounds.

Seminar times:
10:00 — 13:00 + 15:00 — 18:00

10:00 — 13:00 + 15:00 — 17:00

Haus Der Begegnung
Bischof-Kaller-Str. 3
61462 Königstein Im Taunus

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14 credit hours

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Lecturer: Sophie Hellinger
City: Königstein Im Taunus
Country: Germany
Start: 21.08.2021
End: 22.08.2021
Course language: German, English, Russian
Price: 390 €