Seminario con Sophie Hellinger Cosmic Power® - Percezione e fonte della giovinezza

Air, Movement, Presence, Coordination

Come raggiungere una mente sana in un corpo sano?

Our body is always the mirror of the soul. A grieved, withered or wounded soul sooner or later leads to the physical. From low energy and lack of strength to serious illness. Everything that can manifest in the body is related to soul and mental causes. Mental and physical health require a healthy soul. We consider it especially important that the soul is always in connection with the origin. First and foremost with our parents and beyond that with the all-encompassing One that permanently manifests itself out of nothingness. This nothingness, of course, encompasses everything. And everything is suspended in this nothingness.

Di che cosa parliamo?

About our first breath to our last.

It is about a healthy balance. To achieve this, meditation and conscious breathing are the basic building blocks.

With this tool we will get answers to our questions.

At the appropriate moment, we will know what to do so that we can follow and live our inner destiny. This, in turn, leads to inner peace, which only comes when we are in harmony with our soul and our environment. This in turn leads to health and love that can be lived. Through breathing and movement in the air, we find a strong connection through our mind to our body. Guided coordination exercises strengthen the connections of our cerebral hemispheres, which in turn leads to inner peace and foresight.

We ourselves can pre-program our agelessness by making these mediated exercises a regular part of our daily routine.

The result shows up in a special attitude. Together with the daily, consistent exercises, the "fountain of youth" opens up in us immediately. And not only that: Cosmic Power® is the basic building block for a good Original Hellinger® Family Constellator.

Awareness is a prerequisite of neutrality, which comes into action through Cosmic Power®.

La neutralità è il prerequisito imprescindibile per un buon costellatore. Cosmic Power® apre livelli a cui non possiamo accedere né mentalmente, né emotivamente. Qualche anno fa non avremmo mai pensato - includendo Cosmic Power nella formazione per Costellatori familiari Original Hellinger® - di poter raggiungere questi livelli qualitativi.

Orario di lavoro:
10:00 - 13:00 + 15:00 - 18:00

Sede dell'incontro:
Kurgastzentrum Bad Reichenhall
Wittelsbacherstr. 15
83435 Bad Reichenhall

Ulteriori informazioni:
00498652-656465 (sólo alemán e inglés)

Please note that we may have to cancel your on-site participation due to Corona. We would inform you of this as early as possible, of course.
La partecipazione online è sempre possibile (a partire dal 01.06.2021)


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Seminario online

Docente: Sophie Hellinger
Cittá: Live-Stream
Stato: Germany
Inizio: 9.10.2021
Fine: 9.10.2021
Lingua del corso: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian, Chinese
Costo: 120 €

Seminario sulla presenza

Docente: Sophie Hellinger
Cittá: Bad Reichenhall
Stato: Germany
Inizio: 9.10.2021
Fine: 9.10.2021
Lingua del corso: German, English, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian
Costo: 120 €