"Yo y mi deseos" Seminario con Sophie Hellinger Mó. X

El camino hacia las propias acciones y el sentido de la vida

When we observe children, there is no doubt that they have countless desires. Today this and tomorrow that. They live in a constant carousel of wishes.
Depending on how their parents deal with these, their desires, this leads to very specific character traits later in life.

Tyrants are not born, people are raised to be tyrants. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for parents to be able to distinguish the desires of their children. Should the parents fail to muster this strength to distinguish what is necessary and what is unnecessary, then the child will behave without limits in the whole of its later life. It has never learned to deal with a "no" from the parents, and as a result it will succumb as a plaything to all the advertisements and enticements of the environment.

Los niños se sienten arropados, protegidos y seguros en ese entorno. Por supuesto, esto a veces cuesta lágrimas. Al mismo tiempo, sabemos que los niños son capaces de olvidar su deseo de un minuto a otro y el llanto se convierte en risa.
Children feel sheltered, protected and secure in this environment. Of course, this sometimes costs tears. At the same time, we know that children are capable of forgetting their wish from one minute to the next and crying turns into laughter. In the career choice of a young person, the wishes should be significantly reflected. Only then can a vision and thus a mission for later life emerge. To recognize the essential wishes in life leads to resilience and to a very special personal power. Only those who learn at an early age how to fulfill a wish and how to focus on a goal will be able to make the right decisions later on. For example, in choosing a partner, in choosing a job, and in all other decisions that are necessary for a fulfilled life.

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