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Relationship is and remains a fundamental issue. In this day and age, even more so than ever.

The central point still remains to engage with each other. It is also no secret that we all long for touch, love and tenderness. If we don't succeed in engaging with each other, we will soon realize that we are missing something very crucial in our relationship. Closeness, intimacy and affection come up short. We can observe that relationships - if we can still call them such - are becoming shorter and shorter. The hope of finding the happiness we long for in a new partner often turns out to be an illusion. Very soon, similar or even the same conflicts arise in the new relationship.
And once again, we are pushed out of the relationship.

A couple relationship that is supposed to succeed is a lifelong task. Are you ready to face this task?
Men around the age of fifty often ask themselves the question after being nearly emotionally starved: "Does this relationship still make sense?" Women ask themselves the same question much earlier.

Common tasks have kept the couple together. But once the children are out of the house, men often realize how little fulfillment and closeness he experiences in his body. He feels starved and begins to reflect, which is often the first step towards a separation or divorce.
Are you already aware of these thoughts and feelings when you reflect spontaneously now?
How does it look in your emotional world?
In the constellations we can see that the success of a couple relationship is shaped by far greater influences than just the physical attraction.
As soon as being physical is reduced to a minimum or only takes place on vacation, the relationship is already in danger. Just as one domino falls, the whole further row starts to move, and the separation can no longer be stopped.

In a constellation we can observe that recognizing the underlying entanglements is the first right step and provides the impetus for a lasting change in the couple relationship.
This makes the projection surfaces on the outside unnecessary, and we can again follow our heart and our gut in a fulfilling relationship.
Are you ready to look into the mirror of your relationship?
Sophie Hellinger points through her extensive experiences in a new direction of love, in which fulfillment can be lived.

Let the constellations, exercises, hints, and meditations take you to a place where your soul can experience a clarity and healing depth in lightness. The result is an honest and sincere relationship.

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